Meet the Team

The Team – Meet us

Pulling together knowledge from all sorts of backgrounds the team are determined to make Tyddyn Teg  a place for the community.

We are:

Franklin: With a PhD in soil science and a background in management and community development, Franklin is vital to managing the development of our infrastructure as well as being the odd job man who helps coordinate the happenings of the farm while picking up whatever needs doing.

Simon: After running the food growing and teaching on a city farm in East London for 7 years, Simon moved to Tyddyn Teg to grow more delicious vegetables. His main passion is growing tasty food for his community which he does by managing our home field blocks and being involved in customer communication. 

Alice: With a degree in ecology and a research masters degree in soil science Alice is a UK registered Permaculture teacher with 10 years practical experience in the Middle East. She is often very busy with management of the polytunnels, but that doesn’t stop her from also running permaculture courses and other teaching projects throughout the year. 

Sally: Head of the nursery, Sally is the main reason we have any crops to plant out! She handles the sowing, potting up, watering and management of our crops at the most finicky point of their lives. She is also an invaluable member of the field teams jumping in to get the job done when there are 100 things to do at once.

Aglae: With a background in creative projects, Aglae often worked with film and theatre crews. She had a large focus towards nature in films which led her smoothly into the more practical side of nature, already with the skills to work on a cooperative farm. She manages the shop and stock as well as having a prominent role in our accounts and customer communication.

Jamie: In charge of the large field blocks, Jamie’s background studying ecology and plant pathology is very useful, he spent several years doing nature conservation work, gardening and catering, making him suited for not only growing tasty vegetables but also cooking them! Jamie also likes to spend his spare time fixing and upkeeping our machinery. 

Arthur: Arthur works on the infrastructure team: this covers things such as fixing the road, working on the drainage for the farm, working on the maintenance of the buildings, keeping public footpaths clear, etc! His goals in the future encompass setting up his own eco-project on a piece of land in France. His background is political science, ecology and forestry. He also works as a landscape gardener. He is passionate about the natural world and all it has to offer for humans to play with!

Charlotte: Charlotte joined Teg in April 2021 as part of our infrastructure, deliveries and social events team. Her background is in gardening, landscaping, catering and climbing. She enjoys the varied nature of her role, much of which involves driving the mini digger, but also includes more creative aspects such as painting and installing our new farm shop signs, and making the stained glass windows for the shop. She is also one of our friendly Thursday delivery drivers!

Tom: With a Msc in Global environment, politics and society, Tom is passionate about building a sustainable food network in Wales. His main role on the farm is managing the field blocks and growing many of the storage crops we have on the farm. He also coordinates the delivery team and is one of our delivery drivers!

Tilly: After completing the Land Worker’s Alliance 2021 traineeship, Tilly is now a member of the farm team. Her experience in social prescribing and public health drove her interest in Tyddyn Teg and growing! She really enjoys working in the heat of the polytunnels in Summer, as well as the super cold harvesting in Winter. She is passionate about being able to do a practical and thoughtful job with a great bunch of people.

Aspen: With a background in social media and marketing, Aspen’s role largely covers Tyddyn Teg’s admin, accounts, and online presence. Having studied zoology and conservation at university, he is passionate about Tyddyn Teg’s mission to grow sustainably in tangent with local wildlife.