Organically Grown

Tyddyn Teg is a small farm and for this reason is not currently registered as organic however we do grow organically and without any chemicals. Our practices our practically identical to those of if we were certified.

As sustainability in farming is very important to us and we wish to lay the groundwork for others to understand our principles and how and why we grow the way we do. To read about why Growing Organically is important we recommend looking at the soil association’s website. Click here to find out more.


Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides

In line with standard Organic practice we never use synthetic pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We sometimes use natural pesticides/fungicides that have been approved for organic systems to combat specific insect or disease outbreaks. We use these well before harvest on young plants that need a boost to survive.
We know the importance of preserving an ecosystem and only use these procedures in closed areas like the polytunnel to ensure any possible effects and maintained to only those areas and we aren’t effecting wider populations.

Fertility Building

We aim to feed our soil and develop the soil ecology rather than applying amendments as much as possible. We do this with our crop rotation and allowing 2 blocks to always be left in fallow to regenerate and rejuvenate. Sometimes however, amendments are needed for the health of our crops.
At Tyddyn Teg we use a combination of fertility building green manure crops, cow manure from a neighbouring non organic farm, green-waste compost, wood chip from local tree surgeons, crushed limestone and small amounts of seaweed meal.
All of these fertility sources are permitted under organic standards.
Manures and other soil amendments and permitted as long as certain provisions are met and we believe we meet these provisions:
-They are only used in the quantities necessary to meet the needs or crops and are applied in the spring to minimise leaching.
-Manures are composted in covered heaps for a minimum of two years to stabilise nutrients and ensure that and any livestock medication residues are broken down before its applied to our land.

Seed and Crop Selection

We predominantly use organically produced seed. Sometimes we use non-organically produced seed but only if we are unable to obtain organically produced seed of the varieties we want. This is permitted under certification as long as you apply for permission, we strongly believe the varieties we use would be granted each time we use non-organically produced seed. We never use fungicide/pesticide treated seed and all our seed potatoes and onions are organic.

Openness and Transparency

If you want to discuss any part of our growing or find out more information about our practices please contact us. We are more than happy to talk about how we run Tyddyn Teg and how we believe we are doing the best possible for our land.
We regularly hold farm open days and other public events where we show people around the farm and explain our practices. We are also generally happy for customers to walk around the farm -although for safety reasons we do ask visitors to check in with a member of the team before exploring in case we are operating any machinery.