Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

We work with some amazing suppliers to provide us with extra fruit, vegetables, dairy and dried goods. 

Image of a Matt, Jenny and their baby on their farm. they are shown amongst their no dig beds


We stock Henbant’s eggs from their pastured, organically fed chickens, and sometimes some of their beautiful fresh veg from their no dig gardens. 

“We use Permaculture, Holistic Management and Agro-Ecological methods to grow veg, meat, eggs and milk, but on a small and regenerative human scale that provides food and fuel for our home, our visitors and the local community.

​As well as being productive, Henbant is a place where people can come and slow down for a while, to think about what matters in the world and what the world needs us to give back.”

To find out more about Henbant click here

The Tyfu Eryri Logo

Tyfu Eryri

We stock delicious Tyfu Eryri Microgreens.

“Established in 2021, we are a dynamic little business that is trying out new growing methods and truly ‘learning by doing’. Tyfu Eryri is a small-scale indoor vertical farm. It is a very exciting but challenging way of growing and the crop mix is ever changing and expanding as we try new things. We are a family run business with a little help from volunteers”

To find out more about Tyfu Eryri email them at tyfueryri@gmail.com or click here to reach them via their Instagram


Green and red lettuces growing in a no dig bed

Pandy Farm:

When in season, we stock a variety of fruit including gooseberries, black and red currants, raspberries, and blueberries from Pandy Farm.

“We are a small, community-focused social enterprise that produces naturally grown fruit and vegetables. Our core values include social and environmental sustainability. We are linked with local like-minded organisations and see ourselves as an integral part of our North Wales community, providing healthy, locally grown produce and helping to tackle issues around food poverty in the Bangor area.”

To find out more about Pandy Farm click here


Logo for Cosyn Cymru

Cosyn Cymru:

We stock amazing yoghurts and cheeses from Cosyn Cymru.

Carrie makes her ewe’s milk products by hand in small batches with natural ingredients, using traditional methods. Working on a Welsh hillside farm, Carrie’s goal is to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream that bring out the best qualities of the milk. She is enthusiastic about adapting to seasonal nuances – every batch needs an individual approach.

To find out more about Cosyn Cymru click here


four jars of honey labelled as Pen y Bonc stacked on top of each other

Pen y Bonc:

We stock amazingly tasty honey all year round from Pen y Bonc, gathered from the well loved bees of Jonothan Garratt and Lisa Mundle in Bangor. We also stock soft fruits from them such as raspberries and currents when in season!

To contact them call 01248361576



Frankie of Propolise holding up a frame of a hive covered in bees


We are stocking lovely skin creams from Propolise.

“Propolise makes unique skin creams using local native Welsh honeybee products. Our creams are 100% natural and high quality to help with a range of skin problems. We use 100% organic oils alongside local honeybee produce, from our own bees and others kept through Gwynedd.”

To find out more about Propolise click here or contact Frankie by email at iafrati@propolise.co.uk



The Organic north logo, a monkey holding a banana with the text "organic north" written around itOrganic North:

We stock fruit and a series of organic vegetables as extras from Organic North. This allows us to continue our scheme all year long even when we have less items in the hungry gap.

“We’re a members run co-operative, the largest and longest-established wholesalers of certified organic produce in the north. We’re on a mission to help mend our broken, wasteful and polluting food system. We’ve enjoyed close relationships with some of our farmers for over 25 years and it is on this basis that we have been able to consistently provide UK grocers, veg-box schemes, food processors, buyer’s co-ops and many more besides with their weekly organic fruit & veg.”

To find out more about Organic North click here