Tyddyn Teg welcomes volunteers to support our daily work in growing vegetables and to help develop our vision for the farm.

As a community farm It is an important part of our mission to provide opportunities for people interested in engaging with local, sustainable food production.


Friends of Tyddyn Teg: This is our group of regular local volunteers who have been involved in projects including developing a battery powered crop glider (a mobile platform that you lie on while planting or weeding crops),  developing a communal lawned garden in the heart of the farm and supporting work towards establishing woodlands and upgrading our workshop.


Volunteer Days: From time to time we need extra help to break the back of a big task and put out a call through our Facebook group inviting friends and customers to come and put in a couple of hours work followed by a lunch made from our home grown vegetables.


WWOOF: We are members of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), an organisation that matches up volunteers from around the world with suitable opportunities to stay and work as a volunteer on an organic farm. Throughout the growing season we host up to four residential volunteers through this scheme.


Trainees: We welcome enquiries from people interested in an opportunity to work and stay with us for longer periods so that they can gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to contribute to the development of the sustainable local food movement.


Local people interested in volunteering are welcome to come over to the farm during  weekdays or email us at info@tyddynteg.com


If you would like to come as a residential volunteer, we ask that you plan to stay for between 2 and four weeks. It is a good idea to apply well in advance as we do get fully booked.