About Tyddyn Teg

Tyddyn: A small farm large enough to support a family.

Teg: Fair as in both just and beautiful.

Tyddyn Teg Farm north wales cooperative vegetable

Tyddyn Teg Cooperative –  Who are we?

Our 31 acre holding lies on the south facing slopes of a small valley between the majestic mountains of Snowdonia and the graceful beauty of the Menai Strait. Here we grow vegetables using organic methods to supply the local community with quality food.

The Tyddyn Teg cooperative has eight members and some lovely trainee and volunteer helpers. We share a commitment to the importance of quality local food and the challenges of sustainability in the twenty first century. We see ourselves as part of the global family of small farmers and aim to become a practice based centre for research and education for sustainable local food production.

Our primary objective has been to maintain vegetable production and meet the needs and expectations of our veg box customers. In this we have had a great deal of help and advice from John and Pippa (who were the previous owners of the farm). We are also supplying vegetables to Moelyci Shop and Dimensions Shop in Bangor.

Our aims over the coming years are:

  • Expand and improve our vegetable growing

  • Develop the Farm to support WWOOFing

  • Create new spaces for events

  • Open opportunities to have a small scale restaurant/cafe on the farm

  • Establish a luxury camping business where people can come and stay

  • Provide a living wage to every member of the cooperative


History – How this all came about.

Over the last twenty years Pippa and John Evans built up an amazing local veg business, supplying up to 100 boxes of top quality seasonal veg to local families. With their retirement, the farm has been taken on by the Tyddyn Teg workers cooperative with plans to take the farm forward. We aim to be a diverse and dynamic local food business serving the local community and hosting visitors and events.

an illustration by Emily peacock

The Team – Meet us

Pulling together knowledge from all sorts of backgrounds the team are determined to make Tyddyn Teg  a place for the community.

We are:

Franklin: With a PhD in soil science and a background in management and community development, Franklin is vital to managing the development of our infrastructure as well as being the odd job man who helps coordinate the happenings of the farm while picking up what ever needs doing.

Jono: With a keen mind for invention and problem solving, Jono fixes, invents and maintains all our machinery to keep our veg train rolling. When he finds the time he also farms, builds and dabbles in open-source robotics projects.

Simon: After running the food growing and teaching on a city farm in East London for 7 years, Simon moved to Tyddyn Teg to grow more delicious vegetables. His main passion is growing tasty food for his community which he does by managing our home field blocks and being involved in customer communication. 

Alice: With a degree in ecology and a research masters degree in soil science Alice is a UK registered Permaculture teacher with 10 years practical experience in the Middle East. She is often very busy with management of the polytunnels, harvesting and sales to wholesale customers. That doesn’t stop her from also running permaculture courses and other teaching projects throughout the year. 

Holly: Working for the Landworkers’ Alliance Cymru and in community energy, Holly has always been routed in community and land based work which lead her to her role here. She handles much of our accounts and customer communication making her the friendly face you will probably encounter if you contact us! 

Sally: Head of the nursery, Sally is the main reason we have any crops to plant out. She handles the sowing, potting up, watering and management of our crops at the most finicky point of their lives. As the intensity of the nursery dies down during the year she picks up even more work and manages the harvesting and communications for wholesale customers.

Aglae: With a background in creative projects, Aglae often worked with film and theatre crews. She had a large focus towards nature in films which led her smoothly into the more practical side of nature, already with the skillset to work on a cooperative farm. She manages the shop and stock as well as having a prominent role in our accounts and customer communication.



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