About Tyddyn Teg

Tyddyn: A small farm large enough to support a family.

Teg: Fair as in both just and beautiful.


Tyddyn Teg Cooperative –  Who are we?

Tyddyn Teg is a cooperatively run regenerative farm. We grow fresh seasonal produce all year around to run a veg box scheme, as well as keep our shop in Bethel stocked for drop in customers!

We grow a wide range of veg as the changing seasons allow, from cauliflowers to carrots to tomatoes! We love how eating in accordance with the seasons keeps you connected to the land you live on.

Tyddyn Teg Farm north wales cooperative vegetable

Our main aim is to keep improving access to fresh veg for our local community. We want to keep expanding and improving our vegetable growing to increase the amount of people we can provide veg for, while also keeping the earth we farm healthy!


We are also dedicated to:

  • Developing a community  space to host events

  • Providing a living wage for all our members

  • Enhancing the Welsh language ability of all members 

  • Developing a community land share offer to keep the land serving the community

Our Organisation

We have this amazing opportunity thanks to Pippa and John Evens, who built up an amazing local veg business over the course of 20 years. With their retirement, they passed their progress over to what has become Tyddyn Teg cooperative. We are proud to be growing fresh vegetables for our local community!

Tyddyn Teg now runs as a workers cooperative, which means that all its members have as much responsibility as each other. This helps us maintain the business as a community focused environment that cares for its workers, local community and the land. 

Now Tyddyn Teg cooperative has eleven members, and frequently some lovely trainee and volunteer helpers. We share a commitment to the importance of quality local food and the challenges of sustainability in the twenty first century. Our 11 talented members come from different walks of life to keep a balanced perspective. Read more about our members here.

We see ourselves as part of the global family of small farmers and aim to become a practice based centre for research and education for sustainable local food production.


an illustration by Emily peacock

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