Tyddyn Teg has launched our Community Share offer!

Read about it on this page or scroll to the bottom to see our video. Click Here to Invest in the future of local food! You can also Invest Offline – to do so or to receive any of our share offer documents on paper just contact us at


Lino Print of the polytunnels with the words 'Rhanddaliadau cymunedol, Community Shares' written over it

Who are we and what is our vision?

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‘Tyddyn Teg’ is Welsh for ‘fair farm’ and this simple phrase lies at the heart of our vision – we want to be fair to workers, our community and our natural environment now and over future generations.

Local Food Local Resilience

In an uncertain world with a highly globalised food system that relies on long and complicated supply chains, increasing the amount of local food available supports the food security of our community. We saw this in the COVID pandemic, as supermarket shelves were becoming empty whilst our shop was
abundant, and we are seeing it again in the Cost of Living crisis. In Wales, we have the skills and the land to build an abundant future for those that will come after us, and at Tyddyn Teg we want to play our part in this by feeding our local community and sharing our knowledge and skills.

Space for Nature

At Tyddyn Teg we believe that growing good food doesn’t need to cost the earth – we can have a really productive farm AND look after nature. We do this by using regenerative farming practices that don’t rely on toxic agrochemicals, by planting trees and caring for woodlands that are home to thousands of birds and insects and above all by looking after our precious soil and all the life that is in it. Scientists say that we are living through the sixth mass extinction, and a major contributing factor to this is industrial farming. We want to help put things right by farming in a way that actually increases the diversity of life on our land.

Facing up to Climate Change

We know that it’s happening and we feel disempowered to stop it. What we do know is that chemical-free farming is better for the climate than chemical farming because agrochemicals are energy intensive to produce as well as poisoning wildlife. Reducing food miles also reduces carbon emissions. Whilst the seasons are increasingly unpredictable, we are working hard to make sure that we can continue to produce 

plenty of food all year round by diversifying our crops, upgrading our irrigation infrastructure and increasing our protected cropping areas; as well as planting thousands of trees to protect our soil and lock up carbon.

lino print of cabbageLand for Everyone

Humans are part of the ecosystem and we should have the right to move freely through the landscape and enjoy natural spaces, but in Britain our access is severely limited because land ownership is concentrated into too few hands. We want to make sure that people feel welcome to roam through our land and we are upgrading our footpaths and
signage so that people can enjoy the beautiful woodlands and stream as well as connecting with local villages and footpaths. Land is for everybody.


How will the money be used?

We are hoping to raise £400,000: an amount that will not only transfer ownership of the land and business to the community, but will also allow us to upgrade our facilities in a way that will make us function better as a co-operative and as a community farm: making pot-holed tracks less treacherous, building a site office and accessible customer toilet, making a new farmyard and extending the car park and upgrading tracks and public rights of way through and around the farm.

Please see our Business Plan for more details.

What do I get if I invest?

The interest rate on shares is projected to be 3% which will be paid annually from the first year you invest as shares which will accrue to your share account, increasing the amount you can eventually withdraw. We plan on allowing withdrawals after 3 years on a first-come-first-served basis. The minimum investment is £100.

If you invest, you will also become a member of Tyddyn Teg with the right to attend our AGM, elect representatives to work with us on community solidarity projects and hold worker-members accountable for meeting the objectives of Tyddyn Teg as set out in our Charter.

Please see our Share Offer Document for more details.

Community Solidarity for a Fairer Future

As an investor, you will have the option to donate all, half or none of the interest you are entitled to into our Community Solidarity Fund which will be co-managed by workers and investors to deliver projects that strengthen local and global food sovereignty. In particular, we will use this fund to subsidize veg scheme membership for financially struggling families who would not otherwise be able to access it and to hold community events that bring people together to learn and share.

lino print of the farm showing Eryri behind it